Transgenic salmon egg floats ashore in Tomales Bay

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While out foraging for plastic today, I was witness to a rare event.

A giant salmon egg from a newly developed transgenic salmon floated ashore.

Click on the image above to see rare transgenic salmon egg in Tomales Bay.

From the looks of the label, it appears to be one of the exciting new products from Monsanto, “Roundup ready salmon®” Oncorhynchus glyphosatii

This fish is completely resistant to the effects of herbicides in the environment, while tasting mostly like a fish, and not very much at all like a toxic chemical. An assortment of food dyes are provided with each steak so you can ensure it matches the rest of your meal.

In other exciting news, Monsanto is reportedly working in conjunction with the makers of bisphenol A (Bayer, Dow, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics), and Sunoco) to release a new fish that can survive while being exposed to the plastic additive bisphenol A (BPA).

It is not known what effect, if any these laboratory creations have on naturally spawned, wild salmon. Actually, it is not known if there are any wild salmon left to give a damn about.

Speaking of dam(n)s, have a look at these videos to learn one sure-fire way to help wild salmon thrive:

Condit Dam removal on White Salmon River, Washington State.

Learn about the effort to restore 300 miles of spawning habitat on the Klammath here

Send a letter to your senator urging them to un-dam The Klammath, it’s easy. Please do it.

Gosh, don’t we have the last of the Central Coast Coho Salmon fighting extinction right here in West Marin? What could we do to ensure they don’t go the way of the Tasmanian Tiger or Stellar’s Sea Cow?

Ahhhh, who gives a damn about these animals anyhow? There are apps for each and every one of them at the itunes store. Besides, real animals smell. Yuck!