Art Installation available for long term display

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These five handmade meta-bottles are available for long term display or purchase to the right organization.

Created from plastic bottle trash collected from the beaches of Point Reyes, they stand nine ft tall and are each 32 inches in diameter. Tip-resistant four foot x four foot marine-grade, sealed plywood bases for indoor or outdoor display as well as informative signage are included.

Humans need to reduce our avoidable dependence on single use plastic. This well-crafted art installation is an excellent way to inform society of the harm we are doing to the planet.

Contact me about purchase or long term display.

Original bottles on display on Drakes Beach.

Rebuilt bottles on display at Bioneers Conference.

Fishing Vessel American Challenger runs aground on Marin coast

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Saturdy 6 March the 31 meter long FV American Challenger ran aground on the Marin coast between Estero Americano and Estero San Antonio.

So far the ship remains intact. An unknown amount of petroleum product has leaked out, though it is not known how much diesel was in the 7000 gallon capacity tanks.

The latest information may be found here

Below are images I made showing the wreck site, as well as efforts to protect the commercial oyster/clam/mussel beds in Tomales Bay, just 6 miles SSE of the wreck site.

Those of us who spend considerable time and energy cleaning up after the many shipwrecks that happen along our coast sincerely hope that the authorities will track down those responsible for this avoidable situation and ensure they pay the bill to clean up this mess. Simply pumping the fuel and lubricants off the ship and walking away, leaving the HUGE debris pile to come is NOT adequate.

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