Why is the sun yellow? – by Sethra May, guest blogger

Have you ever wondered why the sun is yellow? Or maybe why the sky is blue or the grass is green? Well, there are several ways to go about answering those questions. The sun, it’s yellow because it is a medium heat star. The sky, ya.. that’s blue because we’ve got this thing called an atmosphere and the blue you see is the light shining through the atmosphere. Now grass. If you didn’t know, you don’t actually ‘see’ things, what you see is the light reflecting off the object or person you are looking at. So, grass is green because the grass goes about absorbing all the colors but green.

So that was a very scientific way of answering three simple questions. Many parents would just tell their kids because it is. If I weren’t about answering this question, I think I’d say this: Because if they weren’t, the people on this world wouldn’t quite know what to do with themselves. So keep the world clean so that many years from now kids can continue to ask why the sun is yellow, the sky blue and the grass green.