Tired & broken

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The weather today was fine for a paddle on Tomales. Provided one got on the water in time to use the tide and beat the wind.

I did some of the former and little of the latter.

A late start also means the light is gone, unless there is a heavy cloud layer which there was not.

So I headed east to an area I had not walked before in search of human trash.

The usual suspects were in great abundance – plastic bottles, glass bottles, tennis balls, food wrappers, shotgun shell wads and tires. Nine of them.

I pulled three of them out of the deep dark muck that is the bottom of parts of the bay. Sinking up to my knees at times, I quickly became covered in dark, black, smelly mud. With my hands and most of the rest of me covered in mud, there are not many pictures from today.

Two of the tires adorn an old post as you see in the photo below.


One was too heavy with mud to haul very far, so I pulled it up as high above the highest wrack for future efforts. Another still on the rim got the same treatment. Five others adorn a newer fence up closer to the highway.

Oh, the broken in the title of this post refers to my side-view mirror.

As I pulled my kayak off my car at the end of the day, it slipped and slid to the ground, shearing off the mirror as it went.

No good deed goes unpunished some say.

Maybe I will get a little better gas mileage without that appendage hanging off the side.

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