Pelican feeding frenzy over Bolinas Lagoon

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A few months ago, an uncommon event unfolded before my eyes as I drove to my friend Tess’ house for dinner in Stinson Beach.

Hundreds of Brown Pelicans were swarming, diving, squawking as they gorged themselves on a large school of fish below.

Pelicans are an amazing bird to watch. Whether in flight or standing on a rock, they possess a prehistoric, erudite quality that I am drawn to. Seeing 20-30 of them in a long string flying inches over the waves always stops me in my tracks.

You can see other images of Pelicans here


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4 thoughts on “Pelican feeding frenzy over Bolinas Lagoon

  1. Pelicans are so interesting. I was touched by your intervention with “Sparky” from a couple of years back. I wonder if the mites are a normal situation on pelicans or in this case they were being opportunistic? Here in the interior of the country, we occasionally see American White Pelicans with their ten foot wing spans. Once they could be seen as far east as the Miami River in Ohio (during Audubon’s day), but were largely extirpated by pesticides. It’s great seeing them make a comeback.

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