Osprey over Drakes Estero, new cetacean species discovered

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This osprey snatched what appears to be a smelt out of Drakes Estero in front of me today. The fish was not at all keen on the events as they unfolded. Osprey circled overhead, attempting to re-arrange the fish into an aerodynamic package for transport back to the nest.


Osprey landed on a post nearby and struggled for a few minutes in a strong and steady breeze, reaching back with beak, trying to move this fish. With talons so long, sharp and curved, it is difficult if not impossible for the bird to let go of prey.


After a few minutes of pecking, floating up, landing back on post, more struggling, fish was nearly out of energy. Properly packaged, osprey lifted off to deliver this meal to a hungry brood or mate.

Later, I happened upon this never before seen species of cetacean that had beached itself upon South Beach.

I gave it the name Fauxkinghumansea dropmoreplastica. Commonly known as, Blue-bodied toxic reminder

Fauxkinghumansea dropmoreplastica (Blue-bodied toxic reminder)

Fauxkinghumansea dropmoreplastica
(Blue-bodied toxic reminder)


Oh, after contacting Marin County Parks people to let them know I found one of their swim area buoys, they came out and picked it up. That thing costs over $500. The decals alone are over $100. They used to gather them up each year at the end of swim season, then set them out again after winter. They stopped doing that, though I am not sure why.

2 thoughts on “Osprey over Drakes Estero, new cetacean species discovered

  1. I would have held it hostage for a fee. Good work Richard! and beautiful photos.
    I see osprey from my window at times and the fish are always head first in the wind.

  2. HAHAHA! I don’t know how I missed the Fauxkinghumansea dropmoreplastica . . . Nice work on the swim buoy Richard! Hopefully Marin Co. Parks will be a little more diligent about gathering up their buoys . . .

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