Orca at California Academy of Science, Indra’s net at Marine Mammal Center

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In Nov. of 2011 a rare offshore orca washed ashore dead on a remote beach of Point Reyes. Read about that event here.

Today I stopped by the CAS In San Francisco to see the progress on assembly of the skeleton of this extraordinary creature.

The last image shows one of the flippers. I packed both of those out in two trips. Each one weighed over 70 pounds when covered with flesh. It is incredible to see the inside.

What an amazing job these folks have done.

See for yourself. The first 4 are from a few weeks ago, the rest are from today.

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After visiting the orca, I stopped by the Marie Mammal Center to preview a new art installation by my friends Richard and Judith.

They made an amazing piece from a large trawler net I packed off the beach near Slide Ranch last year. It was wet when I packed it out and weighed over 100 pounds.

They have outdone themselves, it is gorgeous.

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2 thoughts on “Orca at California Academy of Science, Indra’s net at Marine Mammal Center

  1. Fabulous to hear your found Orca’s bones are put to use and on display!! I’ve got a few cheap plastic beach toys to add to Richard and Judith’s art stash . . .

    Interesting that you posted the Orca display today as I was reading and posting articles (on FB) about captive Orca’s at SeaWorld . . . can’t wait to see both displays . . .

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