Memorial Day in West Marin

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Blessed are we that live near to the coast
Rhythmic surf soothes our souls
Peregrine, osprey, pelican fill the sky
Five white sharks swim free in the sea

Cursed are we that live near to the coast
Explosions of plastic remind us our folly
Blanket the beach needlessly with pretty poison

Soldiers travel the world
To protect us from evil empires
Who to protect us from our convenient plastic poison?

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4 thoughts on “Memorial Day in West Marin

  1. My daily beach walks almost always have me struggling with opposing thoughts of gratitude and disgust . . . I hold onto the hope that we will wake up and make choices based on what’s good for our planet as opposed to what’s good for us in the moment . . . thanks for your good work Richard . . .

  2. I doubt that modern civilization will give up plastic. So are there any solutions? For example, might it be possible to identify the sources of the trash and handle the problem there?

    • Murray,

      Our entire society is the source.

      I just now learned of this site Perhaps with a tool such as this we can tie the mess to the source in a more public way and get some positive and real action.

      My recent efforts at highlighting the oyster farming mess along the shore of Tomales Bay “inspired” (in the words of TBOC owner) Tomales Bay Oyster Company to remove over 3000 long PVC tubes that have been sitting idle in the bay for nearly a decade. I applaud their efforts and look forward to further changes in their daily operation so that, for example, thousands of plastic zip-ties are not knowingly cut and left to drift in the bay.

      I continue to directly work with the oyster farmers to identify problems and develop solutions.

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