A day on the bay, SF that is

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On my way to get a haircut, a neighbor suggested I come along on a boat trip to SF Bay and watch billionaires play with their toys (America’s Cup).

Me, my shaggy hair and camera went along.

We had a grand time on a grand boat as one very large boat raced around for a few minutes. I think it won. Meanwhile, dozens of America’s Cup patrol boats zoomed around protecting the course. The SFFD, SFPD, NPS and USCG rounded out the effort with their own patrol boats. I may have seen a Russian submarine briefly surface with what looked like Edward Snowden atop the sail. Or was that a harbor porpoise off in the distance.

Some images from the day follow (most all of them are straight out of the camera and not at their best (due to time constraints).


RJames.IMG_4752 RJames.IMG_4753 RJames.IMG_4755 RJames.IMG_4762 RJames.IMG_4767 RJames.IMG_4781 RJames.IMG_4782 RJames.IMG_4785 RJames.IMG_4787 RJames.IMG_4802 RJames.IMG_4811 RJames.IMG_4818 RJames.IMG_4820 RJames.IMG_4823 RJames.IMG_4828 RJames.IMG_4831 RJames.IMG_4838 RJames.IMG_4844 RJames.IMG_4856 RJames.IMG_4866.cc RJames.IMG_4888 RJames.IMG_4891 RJames.IMG_4898 RJames.IMG_4911 RJames.IMG_4913 RJames.IMG_4915 RJames.IMG_4919 RJames.IMG_4920 RJames.IMG_4928 RJames.IMG_4929 RJames.IMG_4936 RJames.IMG_4937 RJames.IMG_4940 RJames.IMG_4942 RJames.IMG_4949 RJames.IMG_4961 RJames.Shadow

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