Best Management Practices (BMP) meeting audio, DFW presentation and audience comments

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On 17 July, 2017 at the Marconi Conference Center in Marshall California, over 75 people from all aspects of shellfish aquaculture, including local and non-local residents attended. The announcement for this meeting may be found here.

Below are several audio files that I recorded that include the entire meeting, excluding some transition noise between speakers as well as some audio at the end when the entire room erupted in conversation.

I apologize for the audio quality, though I think you will be able to hear most everyone. Possibly some quiet audience members in the back of the room may be hard to hear. Use of headphones will help.

Below the audio files you’ll find the presentation given by Kirsten Ramey from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

You’ll also find images of the audience comments taken by Randy Lovell and Susan Ashcraft, as well as these same notes transcribed to an MS Word file.

These presentation and notes files were sent to me by the meeting moderator, Heather Benko, Sea Grant Fellow.


Introductions – Heather Benko – 12:19 minutes


Randy Lovell – 17:32 minutes


Susan Ashcraft – 21:04 minutes


Kirsten Ramey – 12:27 minutes

Kirsten’s presentation is here.


Audience input part 1 – 42:19 minutes


Audience input part 2 – 43:59 minutes

Audience comments recorded by Randy Lovell here.

Audience comments recorded by Susan Ashcraft here.

Both sets of notes transcribed to text file here.

Save our Tomales Bay – Part 28 Stakeholders meeting

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The following was sent to me on 20 July by the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Presented to you as received (with minor edits for clarity).

I hope you can join us for an informative and productive gathering.

Join agencies, shellfish growers, and resident stakeholders in identifying concerns unique to Tomales Bay shellfish cultivation and discuss solutions, including proposed best management practices and clean-up efforts.

CA Dept Fish & Wildlife and the State Aquaculture Coordinator invite interested stakeholders for a discussion on:

Tomales Bay – Keeping It Free of Debris – Stakeholders Meeting


Thur, Aug 6th, 2015 (1pm)

Marconi Conference Center – Pine Lodge

18500 Shoreline Hwy (SR 1)

Marshall, CA

See attached map for directions and parking

please confirm your interest by sending and RSVP to:

[gview file=””]


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