Save our Tomales Bay – Part 4

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Last week while kayaking on Tomales Bay I came upon this grow out bag floating in the hot, bath-like water and mud south of Inverness Park – nearly to White House Pool. It had gotten loose from the area the commercial operation had placed it to grow and drifted a few miles south.

These bags get loose by the hundreds each year and drift all over the ocean, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces of deadly plastic, one day to be eaten by a hapless bird out looking for food.

One idea that could address employment as well as ocean debris problems is for the oyster farms to hire more people to keep a closer eye on things.

Depending on the outcome of the seemingly never-ending dance of the liars, err lawyers, we may soon have many very experienced oyster-workers looking for work. And, as can be seen by anyone that takes the time to visit the waters of Tomales Bay, we have a never ending supply of feral plastic that needs tending to.

No matter which side of the fence you stand on the oyster issue, there is no denying that the view is sublime, and one which we all need to be doing our utmost to protect from degradation.

I shall not tire in my efforts to ameliorate the impact of humans on this most sacred of places, earth.


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1 thought on “Save our Tomales Bay – Part 4

  1. I like your idea of hiring unemployed oyster workers to clean up the mess left behind by the industry. Better yet, how about the two companies operating in Marin waters hire workers TODAY to clean up on a regular basis!

    We can’t just point fingers at the two oyster companies operating in our local waters; anyone purchasing their oysters is a part of this issue.

    Thanks for taking a public stance on this issue. Thank you for devoting so much of your time in your efforts to clean up our apathetic messes . . .

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