Northern Fulmar redux

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When alive and living on the open sea as pelagic birds do, this fulmar, a member of the order Procellariiformes, drank salt water then ejected the salt from the extra feature atop its’ bill. These birds are known as tube noses.

Now that it has died, the flesh that once flexed wings is in the belly of a turkey vutlure most likely.

This fulmar flies on and on.

2 thoughts on “Northern Fulmar redux

  1. THAT’S what this bird is! I’ll need to look through my photographs but I believe that what I thought was a gull with a damage beak was a Northern Fulmar! He was not doing well, huddled behind a piece of driftwood, unmoving. There are so many dead birds on shore right now it’s a bit alarming . . .

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